Volunteers with Studentersamfundet

Do you want to know more about being a volunteer with Studentersamfundet, then you have come to the right place.
Studentersamfundet is a volunteer-based student association for all students at Aalborg University and whether you are interested in student politics, want to help out at one of our events or have an inner entrepreneur there is always room for you with us.
We strive to give all entutiastic students the opportunity to make their ideas happen and thus we always welcome new ideas for events or initiatives that improves the study environment at Aalborg University. And we do not operate with a minimum number of shifts that you have to take in order to be a volunteer, so join whenever you want, we are always happy to see you.

What can I do as a voluteer?

Groups and Committees

Studentersamfundet consists of a variety of different groups and committees that each do their own thing, which they find most interesting.
If you want to be part of a team that creates cool events and parties you should join the Study-Start Party Committee or the Event Committee.
Are you instead more interested in computers and technology then join Lyd&Lys, AAULan or the IT Committee and geek out with the rest of the team.
If student politics suits you the most we have our Election Committee, the National Politics Committee and the International Forum.
Lastly, if you dream of working with communication, PR and graphic design the Communication Committee should be just right for you.

You have probably already visited one of our 5 friday bars or our thursday bar, but did you know you can be a volunteer here as well?
All of our bars are driven solely by volunteering students, whose efforts ensure that you and your mates can enjoy a cold one every thursday and friday.
As a volunteer in a bar, you can either join the board of the bar and be in charge of things such as economics, events, PR and the procurement of wares
or you can stand behind the bar as a bartender.
Our 6 bars are distributed around all the main campuses so there will always be a bar near you where you can volunteer.
Student Politics

One of the main goals for Studentersamfundet is to improve the study environment across the university.
We achieve this by providing the students with the best possible opportunities for influence through student politics.
This is done both locally, where we support the elected students in boards and councils at Aalborg University by helping them increase their qualifications,
and centrally, where we facilitate Studenterforum the first monday in each month.
At Studenterforum students from across all of Aalborg University come together and discuss what the current state of their study environment is
and how we can fight to improve it together.
Lokale Studieforeninger
De Lokale Studieforeninger i Studentersamfundet arbejder med at forbedre og styrke studiemiljøet på netop deres fakultet eller studie. De arbejder både med studenterpolitiske aspekter og afholder fede studierelevante arrangementer. Det kan være alt fra socialt fremmende arrangementer til oplæg og foredrag afholdt af personer, der er interessante for netop dit studie. Er du i tvivl om der er en Lokal Studieforning på dit studie eller fakultet, eller har du interesse i at høre om, hvordan du kan være med til at starte en op, så meld dig som frivillig i bunden!

Become a Volunteer